The Series 6 Resistograph® is an extremely powerful machine. Fast, easy to use, dependable in all weather conditions, and extremely accurate, it offers premium quality when searching for decay in trees or timber structures. With its fully electronic motors, on board data analysis and ability to match feed rates and drilling speeds to actual wood conditions, this is the machine that delivers reliable results.

The Resistograph® was invented by Frank Rinn and this new series brings his decades of research and experience to the fore with design features that reflect what users need in practice. Watch the results live on a smartphone , tablet, or printer as the drilling takes place. Use the sophisticated DECOM software to analyse the data and produce credible charts that properly reflect actual wood conditions.

Dunster & Associates has extensive experience with these machines. We have tested bridges, log buildings, and wood stave pipelines, as well as many different trees.

See the new Resistograph here. The following video has been prepared by our friends Arbortools in Hong Kong.
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Sample data is shown below.