arbomech pageDetermining the remaining load carrying capacity of a defected cross section for quick reference on smartphones, tablets or laptops.

If a stem or branch cross section is defected, the question soon arises how much the load carrying capacity (and thus breaking safety) is reduced. Corresponding evaluations have to take into account that the location of decay is more important than size in terms of breaking safety. Big central defects often lead to only small mechanical weakening. In contrary, relatively small defects in outer areas can result in significant strength loss, especially when combined with openings, finally requiring load reductions or other actions.

Because there is no simple rule of thumb for calculating strength loss due to decay, ArboMech™ provides a quick solution: intact (green) and deteriorated or missing (red) areas of the cross section are drawn (by finger, pen, or mouse) in any required form. ArboMech™ instantly determines the relative strength loss due to the defects for all load (wind) directions.

This way, ArboMech™ makes evaluations more accurate and more reliable. Recommendations (pruning, for example) can be better explained and communicated to clients. The cross sectional sketch can be based on visual impressions or, in addition, on results of resistance drillings. The ARBOTOM® software contains ArboMech™ as a module.

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