Land Use Planning Services

Many people want to retain trees when new developments are being planned, whether it be a new single-family house, or entire subdivisions. But not all trees are suitable for retention, and some will be right where development is being planned.

Effective land use planning and tree retention can only be accomplished when the arborist is brought in right at the start of the project. As a Registered Professional Planner and Certified Arborist, Julian works with the Design Team to provide practical guidance about how to design a development that is effective. He inventories the existing trees on site, documents land conditions, and then works with other design professionals to derive plans that retain the trees most likely to survive the site changes and provide a lasting legacy. He provides guidelines, and specifications to show how each stage of the development should proceed and will highlight where special attention is required to ensure all aspects of tree care are considered. Julian works with each client to ensure that the planning applications and permits have been properly laid out to ensure successful tree retention. As a result, the tree part of an application is more likely to gain approval.

Julian has pioneered several approaches to land development and tree retention that are now commonly used, including work at the demolition and land clearing stages, modified footing and construction details with the engineers, and alternative approaches to development around trees. He has successfully accommodated large tree retention into developments using bridges and suspended roadways, modified footing designs, as well as special wall designs to reduce excavation widths. He has designed effective tree retention strategies, policies, and construction details to accommodate trees and development successfully. As a ‘hands on’ practitioner, with experience driving heavy machinery, and building his own homes from the ground up, his approach is pragmatic. It recognizes the needs of the tree, the developer, construction team, engineers, architects, and most importantly, the client.

Having good plans in place can be a waste of time and money if they are not properly implemented. Julian has extensive hands-on experience on development sites, operating excavators, building houses, and working with trees. He knows and understands what is required by construction crews. Adopting a pragmatic but well-developed approach he works with you to accomplish the development goals on schedule, while at the same time ensuring the trees are carefully protected.

Examples of past projects