Dry Wood Borer


  • Increment cores from dry timber / beams:
  • Beams in (historical) buildings or structures, timber bridges, poles/piles
  • Full-size timber, glue-lam beams
  • Can be used with conventional battery driven drill (13mm clutch)
  • Can be re-sharpened (even by us)

Application in dendrochronology and wood science as well as in timber inspection: for analysis of tree rings, wood density, wood/glue condition, cellular structures...

Increment Borer
For taking 5mm (~1/5") increment cores from trees and (intact) timber

  • 2-threaded (2N) for hardwoods, others 3N
  • Limited usability in deteriorated timber
  • Driven manually or by portable drill
  • Can be re-sharpened


  • Core ejector ( for 5 / 7 mm cores)
  • Sharpening set and cleansing set
  • Available for 5 and 7 mm borer
  • High-torque battery driven electric drill (FEIN, BOSCH, or MAKITA): dry-wood and increment borers directly fit into the drill chuck without need of any adaptor.

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