TurboCalcHow and when will the tree become structurally unstable? Evalutation of structurally defective trees with very thin trunk shell walls.

For mature trees that have ceased to grow in height, the (shellwallradius) 1/3-rule is not relevant. Such trees can be very safe even when shell-wall thickness is very thin. This software helps to understand and explain when these (often significant, monument and veteran) trees become critical in terms of structural stability. The calculations are based upon the publications of two renowned biomechanical experts, not promoting products (of a single company) but since decades practising independent research with credible and reliable results.

  • Input: geometrical data of the tree and material properties.
  • Output: behaviour of crosssectional geometry and material under bending until failure (graph, text and CSV-table).
  • RINNTECH® clients, students, neutral research and education institutions get a discount.

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