Corporate Donations

The Hollow TreeFrom time to time, we donate our expertise to interesting projects beyond professional boundaries. In 2008 / 2009 Julian worked on saving and restoring the famed Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver. Working with a dedicated team of volunteer engineers, wood framers, and heritage conservation consultants, Julian was the primary consultant dealing with the wood structure and stabilizing approach. He helped test the wood, prepare the tree for restoration, install the steel work, and get the tree back to a stable and lasting legacy for years to come. A copy of the award winning documentary film of the project can be found here.

A second film of the finished project can be found here. Sanjib Dutta has kindly given permission for the link to the film.

On Bowen Island, working with a non-profit society, Julian instigated a five year mapping effort to accurately ground truth all the trails, watercourses, and wetlands with a GPS. He personally traversed all of these features (which made him very fit!) to create the first ever detailed map of Bowen Island. The resulting maps and data are now in the provincial data base, and in widespread use for island planning work.

Over the past three decades Julian has donated many hundreds of hours to boards, committees, and task forces. He continues to donate time to the profession of arboriculture and the care of trees.