Limitations Clauses for Risk and Appraisal Reports + Sample Contract Language




Well written reports should contain a section describing the limitations of the work undertaken. These clauses are a standard feature in many professional disciplines. They are designed to limit your liability in the event of a claim against you.

Written by legal counsel in British Columbia, Canada, they have widespread applicability across North America for risk assessors and plant appraisers, and can also be part of many standard reports. We have been selling these for over twenty years, and they have helped numerous people to develop a more professional approach to writing and reporting their work.

The files are written in MS Word and cover a wide range of situations, not all of which will apply in every case. They can be adapted to suit your needs by removing the clauses that do not apply.

The sample contract, also written in MS Word, contains the key elements needed to draw up detailed specifications about the client, the scope of work and deliverables, along with the conditions that you wish to use for governing the contract.

Files will be emailed to buyer on completion of the order. Please allow a few days for the order to be processed.